Eva Plaganyi Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2017

Eva Plaganyi

Dr Éva Plagányi is a Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, based in Brisbane. Her research is strongly interdisciplinary and focuses on modelling of marine resources and ecosystems. As part of her research portfolio, she works closely with indigenous fishers in Torres Strait to support management of Torres Strait tropical rock lobster and bêche de mer (sea cucumbers). She also leads the development of MICE (Models of Intermediate Complexity for Ecosystem assessments) including applications involving outbreaking crown-of-thorns starfish impacting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and integrating socio-economic aspects. She earned a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town in 2004, and moved to CSIRO in 2009. Her research has contributed to the management of marine resources, from krill, prawns, abalone, lobsters and fish through to whales. She has published some 80 papers, >200 technical reports, 50 popular articles, and is on the editorial board of Ecological Applications and Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries.

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