Gretchen L. Grammer Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2017

Gretchen L. Grammer

Gretchen Grammer is an ecologist whose work has focused on temperate and subtropical aquatic environments. Her main area of expertise is fish ecology, but her range of experience is broad and includes entomology, herpetology and the ecology of coastal ecosystems. Gretchen earned her MSc in Coastal Science at the University of Southern Mississippi and is a recent PhD graduate of the University of Adelaide (2015). Currently, she is part of the Fisheries team at SARDI – Aquatic Sciences whose research underpins the management of sustainable fisheries in South Australia and the Commonwealth. Gretchen’s PhD research used fish otoliths as bioarchives to detect environmental change in marine systems, and she will discuss this in her keynote presentation. The southern Indo-Pacific region is a dynamic region where there is still a paucity of instrumental records relating to the ocean and climate. Changes in climate drivers will likely alter oceanographic processes (current strength, mixing, seasonality, etc.), which will have cascading effects on the marine biota. Otolith carbonate records are an accessible mechanism that gives us the capacity to examine magnitude and direction of environmental change in both a spatial and temporal context.

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